Bonnie, also known as Spring Bonnie, is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Bonnie's appearance varies from form to form. Generally speaking, they are a large golden rabbit animatronic with green eyes and a pink bow tie and buttons. Their appearance is very similar to Bonnie from the FNaF mainline games, as it is shown he is an upgraded and rebranded version of the original Bonnie. During the Golden Comet minigame they appear in a spacesuit and helmet, and black eyes with yellow irises.


Bonnie hallway

Bonnie in the hallway

Bonnie is first encountered during the opening Training Tapes alongside Fredbear. The player is guided through dismantling Bonnie and reassembling them as the remodeled and rebranded Bonnie.

Bonnie makes their second appearance in Observatory, again alongside Fredbear and now with Prototype. Bonnie and Fredbear begin on the stage on CAM 1 and will make their way to the office. The player must use their flashlight to check for Bonnie in the hallway and hide under the desk if they are present. Failing to do so in time will result in Bonnie jumpscaring the player, causing a game over.

Bonnie also appears in the Good Ending alongside Fredbear.

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Bonnie is seen being packaged away in a box for storage as Fazbear Entertainment has gone under, reportedly never to be seen again.

Fredbear's jumpscare scream (WARNING: LOUD)

FNF Scream

Golden Comet Minigame

Bonnie is the playable character in the Golden Comet minigame played during the Training Tapes or from the extras menu. The player is required to pick a gun from the ammo crate and shoot pizzas. Touching a pizza will end the game, and the player can restock ammo from the ammo crate. Once the player reaches a high enough score they will be given a secret code which is required to unlock the Good Ending.

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The secret code is 1975.


  • Bonnie is referred to using gender neutral "they" or "it" pronouns during the opening Tutorial Tape and in the extras menu, which is likely a reference to Bonnie's gender being contested from the mainline FNaF games.
  • Bonnie is the animatronic seen being dragged away on the game over screen, as well as surrounded by the Security Animatronics on the Custom Room game over screen.
  • Bonnie is also referred to as Spring Bonnie by fans in order to make a distinction between the two characters of the same name, as Spring Bonnie indicates the presence of springlocks in their suit.
  • Bonnie's relation to Dismantled SpringBonnie from the first game are currently unknown.