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Fredbear is the primary antagonist and titular character of Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot


Fredbear's appearance varies from form to form. Generally speaking, he is a large golden animatronic bear sporting a purple top hat, a purple bow tie and a microphone in his left hand. His appearance is very similar to Freddy, being that Freddy is an upgraded and rebranded model built from Fredbear. During the Sneaky Guy minigame he appears in greyscale wearing a suit and with a menacing expression. For some unknown reason, all of Fredbear except his left forearm is intact.


Fredbear is first seen during the opening Training Tapes alongside Bonnie with his jaw taped shut and a do not touch sign attached to his face. The player is guided through disassembling Fredbear and then reassembling him as the remodeled Freddy Fazbear.

Fredbear hallway

Fredbear in the hallway

Fredbear makes his second appearance in the Observatory, again alongside Bonnie and now with Prototype. He begins on the stage on CAM 1 and makes his way to the office. The player must use their flashlight to check for him in the hallway and hide under the desk if Fredbear is present. Failing to do so in time will cause Fredbear to jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over.

Fredbear is seen for the final time in the Good Ending, alongside Bonnie.

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Fredbear is seen being packaged away in a box for storage as Fazbear Entertainment has gone under, reportedly never to be seen again.

Fredbear's jumpscare scream (WARNING: LOUD)

FNF Scream

Sneaky Guy

Fredbear is the playable character of the Sneaky Guy minigame played during the Training Tapes or from the extras menu. This game is more cryptic than it's counterpart, Golden Comet, as the player is able to move from room to room for a short amount of time before static covers the screen and the game ends. If the player moves from room to room in a specific sequence they will be able to phase through a wall in the final room and access the second part of the code needed for the Good Ending.

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The player is given the code < < ^ ^ < ^ on the last screen of the Tragic Ending, which is used during Sneaky Guy. If the player moves between room in the same order as the code, the last screen will allow the player to phase through the wall for the last upwards movement, giving access to a hidden office. If the player has enough time remaining on the clock, the number 32 will appear in the bottom right of the screen before the static obscures it and the game ends as normal. This is part of the code required to get the Good Ending.


  • Fredbear is the first animatronic to be seen in the game.
  • Fredbear's mouth being taped shut is likely a reference to the Bite Of '83, implying that Fredbear is the one who instigated the bite.
  • Fredbear's relation to Dismantled Fredbear from the first game is currently unknown.
  • The scream made by Fredbear and the other animatronics that use it sounds reminiscent of the FNaF 6 scream