MAX is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Max is a stylized animatronic puppet. He has exaggerated but human like features, like a wide smile and ^ shaped eyebrows. He wears a metallic silver shirt and shoes with buttons and a bow tie. He is connected to the ceiling by strings from his arms and head.


MAX is encountered during Storage and is the only animatronic active in this room. The player is tasked with charging the electronic door to the next room by clicking and holding the control panel to the left of the door. MAX can be seen hiding within the metal doors of an elevator across the room from the player. While charging the door the player needs to frequently check on MAX and if the doors have opened and he can be seen peeking through, the player needs to shut the elevator doors using the remote labeled MAX. Failing to do so in time will cause MAX to jumpscare the player, giving a game over.


  • MAX's name is stylised in all caps and appears this way in all media referring to him.
  • MAX is presumably this game's stand in for The Puppet from mainline FNaF games.
  • MAX is one of the only animatronics not encountered during Custom Room.
  • MAX is the character used on the launch icon