Security Fredbear is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Security Fredbear is an altered version of Fredbear. He is a plastic appearing outer suit with no eyes or teeth in his mouth, and he appears not to have a visible endoskeleton. Like the other security animatronics he has no facial features but he still retains his purple top hat and tie. He also carries a large chainsaw.


Security Fredbear is active during The Final Test alongside Suit, Security Bonnie and Security Freddy. Security Fredbear will occasionally appear on the computer screen and will block the player's view. The player will need to refresh the monitor to repel him. Failing to do this in time will not result in a jumpscare, but will cause all camera's to fail which will require every camera to be refreshed. This is very dangerous as it makes the player unable to repel Suit.

Security Fredbear is one of the potentially active animatronics in Custom Room. His AI can be set from 1 -20, or set to 0 to completely disable him. If active, Security Fredbear will occasionally appear on one of the three monitors in the office, barring Monitor 4 which displays the remaining tasks. Similar to his appearance in the main game, the camera he is on will need to be refreshed to repel him. Unlike the main game, Security Fredbear will jumpscare the player and cause a game over if this is not done in time.


  • Security Fredbear is the only animatronic during the main game to not have a jumpscare, although he does have a jumpscare during Custom Room.
  • Security Fredbear carries a chainsaw but does not use the chainsaw during the main game.
  • It is revealed during Custom Room that the name of the spirit possessing Security Fredbear is Lewis.
  • Security Fredbear can be seen on the "Game Over" screen along with Security Bonnie and Security Freddy for the Custom Room mode, stuffing the player inside Suit.