Security Freddy is an antagonist in Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot.


Security Freddy is an altered version of Freddy. He has a plastic appearing outer suit with no eyes or teeth in his mouth, and he appears not to have a visible endoskeleton. Like the other security animatronics he has no facial features but he still retains his black top hat and tie. He also carries a large prop knife in his right hand in place of his signature microphone, which we learn is meant to scare robbers. Also, his body structure seems to resemble Nightmare Freddy from the fourth game.


Security Freddy is active during The Final Test alongside Security Fredbear, Security Bonnie and Suit. He will occasionally appear in the window in front of the player's office and will rise up from the bottom of the window, stopping at a random place in the screen. The player must click and drag the piece of paper to the right of the screen over Security Freddy's eye to prevent him from seeing you. The paper can be moved over his eyes and then be left there while the player does something else and this will still have an effect. Blocking Freddy's view is not necessary while he is rising up the window or dropping back down. Failing to block his vision in time will cause Freddy to jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over.

Custom Room

Elevator Security Freddy

Security Freddy in the elevator

In this mode, Security Freddy is one of the potentially active animatronics in Custom Room. His AI can be set from 1-20, or set to 0 to completely disable him. If active, Security Freddy will appear on one of the four mini-cameras on the first television screen. If he appears, the player needs to click on either one of the cameras to fend Security Freddy off. Otherwise, shall the player fail to do so, Security Freddy will proceed to jumpscare them, ending their night.


  • On the Custom Room screen, it is revealed that the spirit possessing Security Freddy is known as Jeffrey.
  • Unlike in the main game, Security Freddy will only use his knife during his jumpscare for the Custom Room mode.
  • Security Freddy can be seen on the "Game Over" screen along with Security Fredbear and Security Bonnie for the Custom Room mode, stuffing the player inside Suit.